Ocean Winds’ 2GW project Caledonia Offshore Wind Farm strengthens its public engagement

10th November 2022

Ocean Winds’ 2GW project Caledonia Offshore Wind Farm strengthens its public engagement

Caledonia Offshore Wind Farm (UK), also part of Oceans Wind portfolio, has been working to create solid and significant relationships with the community. Like the two projects Ocean Winds is proposing in Ireland, Celtic Horizon and Réalt na Mara, the Caledonia project will be mainly using bottom fixed technology. Thanks to its experience in transforming the supply chain, creating positive relationships with local stakeholders and implementing offshore wind projects, Ocean Winds expects Caledonia to be operational by the end of the decade.

Caledonia Offshore Wind Farm, which will have a 2GW capacity and become the company’s third offshore wind farm in the UK, has submitted its first major public document, the Offshore Scoping Report, which outlines the technologies under consideration for developing the offshore wind site and details the work that will be undertaken for the Environmental Impact Assessment.

Now, the report is open for consultation, as this week public consultation events across the region are being developed, providing an opportunity for the local community to share their thoughts and suggestions. In addition, a virtual consultation platform is available, to secure that everyone that wants to be part of the process has the opportunity for it! The audience will be able to find all the information about the project as in the on-site events and provide feedback through an online survey.

To be more accessible, the project has recently launched its LinkedIn profile, where all the information about updates and lates news of the project will be posted! And to release this new profile, they have published their new project film, where the objectives of the project are explained by the team itself!

To learn more about what will be one of the biggest offshore wind farm sites to come out of #ScotWind, watch the full video!